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Identifying First Edition Beginner Books

1967-1970 Beginner Book Dust Jacket Back 'R'


The following is an image of Beginner Book dust jacket 'R', which can be found on the first editions of the following books:

  • BB-45 Babar Loses His Crown (1967); Laurent de Brunhoff, author / illustrator
  • BB-46 The Bear Scouts (1967); Stan & Jan Berenstain, author / illustrator.
  • BB-47 The Digging-est Dog (1967); Eric Gurney, illustrator; Al Perkins, author.
  • BB-48 Travels Of Doctor Doolittle (1967); Philip Wende, illustrator; Al Perkins (adapted), author.
  • BB-49 Doctor Doolittle And The Pirates (1968); Philip Wende, illustrator; Al Perkins (adapted), author.
  • BB-50 Off To The Races (1968); Leo Summers, illustrator; Fred Phleger, author.
  • BB-51 The Best Nest (1968); P.D. Eastman, author / illustrator.
  • BB-52 Bears Vacation (1968); Stan & Jan Berenstain, author / illustrator.
  • BB-53 Ian Fleming's Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968); B. Tobey, illustrator; Ian Fleming, author.

Take care in distinguishing the first edition dust jacket from the 1969 version of the DJ, which while looking very similar, changed the 'recent titles' listing (see below).

Dr. Seuss First Edition Books


The above DJ was used through the end of 1968. Note the "Among recent Beginner Book titles" starts with The Bear Scouts.

In 1969, starting with Beginner Book #54, the DJ was changed to the following, with the "Among recent Beginner Book titles" starting with "My Book About Me".

Dr. Seuss First Edition Books

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