Collecting, Identifying, and Valuing First Edition Childrens Books

Reviews for the Children's Picturebook Price Guide

"A very useful guide to booksellers searching for hidden gold. The Children's Picturebook Price Guide: Finding, Assessing & Collecting Contemporary Illustrated Books is a straightforward guide for book buyers and booksellers featuring current market prices for over 22,000 illustrated children's books, including Caldecott Medal and Honor books that are individually worth over a thousand dollars. Though the majority of the Children's Picturebook Price Guide is a straightforward price catalog the first one hundred pages also discuss such topics as how to identify first edition books, particularly Caldecott Medal books and Dr. Seuss books, where to find first edition picturebooks, key factors affecting a book's value and much more. Enthusiastically recommended for serious picturebook collectors and a very useful guide to booksellers searching for hidden paper gold."
      -- The Midwest Book Review

"Well, I just finished browsing the Children's Picturebook Price Guide for the fifth time. I have hardly put the book down since I received it. First... It is quite evident throughout the book that the authors researched their topic well. The book content includes over 20,000 book values, First Edition identification points, and little-known facts about various illustrators.The information-packed book is an excellent companion to Elaine K. Smith's book. If you are interested in collecting, or selling children's picture books, I highly recommend this book as a "must-have" bookselling resource.. That's my two-cents... and I'm going bookhuntin'!"
       -- Cheri's Books, Bookseller

"I had ordered a copy for our department based on the initial information you sent me. After I had a chance to look at the book, I ordered two more copies for our department and sent the ordering information to the managers of two of our adult departments so they could consider ordering. I think it's an important resource, and great fun to browse as well.Thanks again!"
       -- Mary Voors, Children's Service Manager Allen County Public Library Mock Newbery organizer

"Your book arrived this afternoon at 2 pm. I couldn't drag myself away from it to let you know until now. I have been dragging books off the shelf and checking out the number lines. You have done a great job."
       -- Anne Weir, Author

"I have found your guide to be very informative and it has answered questions that I have had about books in my collection. I found it to be comprehensive and valuable in evaluating the literature that I have collected in 36 years of teaching. Actually, I have been so curious about the books in my library, that I have hardly put your guide down since it came in the mail yesterday! Thank you for the research that went into writing such a reference tool for amateur collectors as myself."
       -- Barbara Denver, Retired 1st Grade Teacher & Book Collector

"If you've been reading the BookThinker for any length of time, you've no doubt heard me or somebody else complain about price guides. As bookselling reference books go, most of them are duds whether you're a collector or a bookseller - heck, especially if you're a bookseller. Part of this has to do with how the content is organized; part with the content itself. I'm not going to go over this ground again, but if you're interested in hearing more ranting on this topic, this article is a good place to start...By the way, the referenced article reviews a price guide that I consider to be an exception to the rule - Linda and Stan Zielinski's Children's Picturebook Price Guide."
       -- Craig Stark, Editor, BookThink

"Outstanding reference for all children's book lovers. Finally, there's a book that details the history and reason why children's books are a great collector's item. The easy to read format makes my trips to the book stores, antique shops and yard sales that much more exciting. This has been an outstanding reference for me to review my collection, and suggest what gaps I need to fill."
       -- Don Michael Wieman, Book collector

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