May 252006
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From A copy of Poo Poo And The Dragons, written by C.S. Forestor and illustrated by Robert Lawson, sold on eBay for $752 on May 22, 2006 (eBay Item#7030268919): 

From the item description:

"This is a first edition, signed and inscribed by author C. S. Forester, illustrated by Robert Lawson.  "Raisa Rogozina, best wishes from C. S. Forester, 22nd August 1942." 

A lovely book about Poo-Poo (Harold Heaveyside Brown) and Horatio, a very playful dragon. I’m not an expert but the book is in fine condition with a little ripple at the bottom right corner, otherwise boards have no discoloration or wearing.  […] Jacket is in fine condition with just a few chips at the corners and bottom of spine and slight discoloration on back edges.  Also included is a memo from the publishers dated August 12, 1942."

The Children’s Picturebook Price Guide listed the book for $780 in VG+ condition, which is probably a bit low, since eBay auctions tend to be closer to wholesale then retail. Market price should be in the $1200 range.