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Dr. Seuss First Edition Identification

In some cases, my research on first edition identification points for Dr. Seuss books differs from that found in the Younger/Hirsch book. Younger/Hirsch describes each book in great detail, and includes images, then concludes the passage on each book with a paragraph “FIRST PRINTING POINTS”, followed by the requisite information for the particular books identification.

The following is a list in which the Younger/Hirsch “FIRST PRINTING POINTS” indicates the book’s price on the DJ flap is a requirement for first edition identification, where my research indicates the price is not essential (the number is the Y/H index item for the book). As an example, for the Sleep Book, from Younger/Hirsch. "FIRST PRINTING POINTS: Correct ads on rear dw as listed above and 295/295 price".

20. Sleep Book (1968):  295/295 – price not necessary

21. Eye Book (1968):  195/195 – price not necessary

23. Foot Book (1968):  195/195 – price not necessary

30. Hop On Pop (1963):  195/195 – price not necessary

41. I Had Trouble In Getting To Solla Sollew (1965):  295/295 – price not necessary

42. I Wish I Had Duck Feet (1965):  195/195 – price not necessary

43. If I Ran The Circus (1956): 2 50/250 – price not necessary

45. In A People House (1972):  $2.50 – price not necessary

51. Marvin K. Mooney Will You Please Go Now (1972):  $2.50 – price not necessary

56. Mr. Brown Can Moo! Can You? (1970):  $1.95 – price not necessary

72. Shape Of Me And Other Stuff (1972):  $2.50 – price not necessay

73. The Sneetches (1961):  295/295 – price not necessary

In all of the above books, my research is in agreement with the other identification points for the particular book, as follows.

The dust jackets are unique to the first printing (either back graphic or back flap) on books 20, 21, 23, 30, 41, 42, 56, and 73.

Regarding books 45, 51, and 72, Beginner Books changed their price from $1.95 to $2.50 in 1971/1972. They quit issuing dust jackets in 1973, therefore the books published in 1972 were only issued with the $2.50 price on dust jacket.

[Note: Cliff Erickson of To & Again Books indicates that there is an issue of Marvin K. Mooney with no price on the dust jacket. This issue is not documented in Younger/Hirsch, and is scarcer than the issue with the $2.50 price.] 

The first edition of If I Ran The Circus was the only printing with the pink boards and pink jacket. The second state book has the red colored cover which graces the book being sold in book stores today, and the price was raised to 295/295.

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