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First Edition Identification

Petunia’s Christmas; written and illustrated by Roger Duvoisin; Borzoi/Knopf, 1952.

Childrens Picturebook Price Guide: $240 Very Good+ (updated)

First Edition Points of Issue

Continuing our Duvoisin theme (see Petunia), Petunia’s Christmas is the third of the Petunia books written and illustrated by Roger Duvoisin. The Petunia books:



Petunia And The Song


Petunia’s Christmas


Petunia Takes A Trip


Petunia Beware!


Our Veronica Goes To Petunia’s Farm


Petunia, I Love You


First Edition Identification Points

The copyright page states ‘F I R S T  E D I T I O N.’ The front cover of the book is pale yellow cloth with four lightly embossed pictures of Petunia.

First Edition Points of Issue
The first edition dust jacket has “C L O T H   B O U N D   $2.00 net” in the top right hand corner of the front flap, followed by a synopsis of Petunia’s Christmas, followed “00408” on the right. The rear flap includes a synopsis for Petunia, followed by a synopsis for Petunia and the Song.

First Edition Points of Issue
First Edition Points Of Issue