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Several weeks ago, we garnered a Thinking Blogger Award  by being tagged by Fuse #8 Production in the "Someone Believes I Think!" post.

The idea originated in February from The Thinking Blog’s  tagging five blogs which make you think (for those tagged, below, click on the link to see guidelines for tagging thinking blogs).

Certainly a unique idea – "to tag blogs with real merits, i.e. relative content, and above all – blogs that really get you thinking!" Thinking has oft been described as a mix of perspiration and hard work. To the five blogs that follow, keep the perspiration to yourselves, and a modest "thank you!" for the hard work.

Book Collectors

Kenneth Sullivan’s discussion on Modern First editions, Signed Limited editions, and other book collecting topics. There are bookseller blogs galore on the web, most are, eh…, monologues? rants? diatribes?, etc…, on a variety of ‘topics-of-the-week’, those easy to write opinions many bloggers feel is their sacred duty to pontificate upon. Not so Book Collectors – Mr. Sullivan actually provides information related to the hobby of collecting books! For starters, try either the article  on E.L. Doctorow’s Ragtime or To Kill A Mockingbird.

Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast 

"Our vision for this blog is pretty simple: we’re going to talk about the books we read. We read lots of different kinds of books: picture books for toddlers, memoirs, young adult fiction, graphic novels, Man Booker Prize-winning high-art metafiction, whatever. And we’ll write about them, whenever we can, in the hopes that we can

a. let you, the reader, know about a book that you might like to read, too; and
b. inspire discussion about said books."

We love the author interviews on Seven Things, which are much more than the usual list of suspect questions. Try the MT. Anderson interview and see if you too don’t get hooked.

The Brookshelf

"A children’s librarian thoughts, ideas, and news about children’s books from yesteryear."

Among the plethora of librarians and teacher blogs on the web, the brookshelf stands apart by providing thoughtful reviews on forgotten books, gems of the past nearly lost among the hoard of Potter wannebe’s gracing the shelf of the local Barnes & Noble and such.


"It’s a guide to the most wanted and collected books. There is some evaluation of why the book is wanted, what it is worth – with a range of selling prices, some trivia, apercus and bon mots, a few anecdotes, so called jokes and occasional rants."

Nigel posts on an eclectic measure of first edition books, from Harry Potter to Kerouac’s On The Road to Wuthering Heights, offering humorous opinions and anecdotes relevent to book collectors. Highly readable.

The Publishing Contrarian

Lynne W. Scanlon, the self proclaimed Wicked Witch of Publishing offers regular posts on the inside workings of the publishing industry. Not for the faint of heart, she offers brutally honest information and advice, of special importance to the prospective, as yet unpublished, author.

Wannabe Author Syndrome: Cheap, Craven & Conned?

"I am so tired of hearing unpublished writers (I won’t call a writer an author until he/she can actually show me a bound book or a buyable online version) wail about not being able to find a literary agent or get published or get readers to buy direct. Last night I practically leapt across a dinner table to throttle a wannabe author because he simply could not or would not absorb what I was telling him—that what he desperately needed was someone to assess his book and let him know if it was good or bad."

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