Apr 242007
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What Books To Collect?

Book collectors hail from a variety of economic backgrounds. For some, twenty dollars is a great deal to spend, while for others, hundreds or even thousands is a reasonable price to add a first edition children’s picturebook to their collection. To each, his or her own. Even with this disparity, there are areas of interest […]

Apr 102007
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From yesterday’s USA Today, the most memorable books of the past 25 years: 25 Books that leave a legacy Books tell a story — about our reading preferences, certainly, but also about what’s happening in our world. USA TODAY’s book editors and critics chose 25 titles that made an impact on readers and the publishing […]

Apr 012007
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Collecting Early Readers

Children’s book collectors and many booksellers know of the collectibility of Caldecott and Newbery award winning books. Children’s early readers, or ‘Learn To Read’ books are also likely to develop as a collectible sector over the coming years. For decades, early readers were prescribed by school administration, often in the form of the ‘Dick and […]

Mar 282007
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Newbery Medal - OCLC Top 1000

There’s an amusing article at Fuse#8, "Fat Insufferable Cats", about the OCLC list we posted a couple of days ago. The article laments the inclusion of the eh, how shall we say, ‘less literary’ children’s books on the OCLC Top 1000, beginning with #15, Garfield. Indeed, a fat insufferable cat. Recall that the OCLC list […]

Mar 262007
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The "Top 1000" titles most widely held by Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) member libraries—the intellectual works that have been judged to be worth owning by the "purchase vote" of libraries around the globe. The OCLC web site presents the top books most widely held by libraries, with thematic sublists, sample cover art, "Find in […]

Mar 192007
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Factors Affecting A Book's Collectibility

As collectibles, first edition children’s picturebooks are under appreciated by the general population, in part due to the familiarity of the books—“I used to read that when I was a child!”—which propagates the notion the books are common collectibles. The books are common, the first editions are not. Still, the market prices of first edition […]

Mar 102007
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Links, Links, and more Links Links, links, and more links. 1 Samuel Pepys Diary Blog 17th Century Diary 2 Bookfinder Journal Blog Book Collecting 3 Bookplate Junkie Blog Book Collecting 4 Bookride Blog Book Collecting 5 Books Found: A Bookselling Family’s Journal Blog Book Collecting 6 Childrens Picturebook Price Guide Blog Book Collecting 7 Cuppa […]

Mar 052007
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Cat in the Hat's 50th Birthday

John Hersey & Theodor Geisel [Following excerpt from Chap. 1, Childrens Picturebook Price Guide]  Prior to the publication of his first children’s book in 1937, And To Think That I Saw It On Mulberry Street (Random House, 1937)), Theodor Seuss Geisel was a prominent and successful humorist illustrator for such magazines as Judge and Life. […]

Feb 072007
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eBay’s recent policy change to hide bidder ID’s on auctions over $200 makes it much easier for shill bidders to bid up the price on auctions. The new policy is harmful to buyers and sellers. The eBay user community must build a ground swell of protest.  The topic is plastered all over the eBay discussion […]

Jan 222007
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Every year the American Library Association announces the Caldecott and Newbery Medal winning books at their mid-Winter conference. The event was webcast this morning. Once the winners are announced, we hustle out to purchase a copy or two of the winning books, since they will be tougher to find within a week. The books become […]