Jun 232006
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Added the web page About Us, which is probably more than you want to know.  Also added a Site Navigation link to assist getting around the website–we are getting it all connected, slowly.  All the best,Stan Zielinski 

Jun 152006
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We have about 60 eBay searches saved which we execute twice per week, and another 40 that we execute once per week. ‘Search title and description’ is ticked on all searches, and most of them are performed at the ‘Book’ category level.  The gist of the more frequent searches is something like the following: (seuss,suess) (dj,dustjacket,dust,jacket,dustwrapper,wrapper) […]

Jun 132006
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We’ve been asked several times for our background regarding the legitimacy of the first edition identification points for books posted on this blog. We can’t speak from authority, only experience. So, some background info. In all cases we own the first edition book we are posting. The photographs on the blog are from books we […]

Jun 082006
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Since the early 1990’s, the collective independent book store population has undergone a significant upheaval, through the advent of the large chains, then followed by the emergence of Amazon and the internet. Still, the financially strong have survived and reached a symbiotic balance between themselves, Amazon, and the Barnes and Nobles of the world. The […]

May 242006
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We are striving to establish this book as the definitive guide to collecting children’s picturebooks, with the intention of publishing a new edition annually. If people knew how much first edition picturebooks were worth, then perhaps more people would enter the hobby. This would bring a greater number of collectible books to market, and would […]