Fox In Socks (1965)

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Dr. Seuss First Edition Identification

FOX IN SOCKS; written and illustrated by Dr. Seuss; Random House; 1965

Children’s Picturebook Price Guide Value – $260 VG+

Essential Identifying Point

Dust jacket – Back DJ has three boxes of Beginner Books.

First box lists DR. SEUSS’S ABC

Second box lists eight books, two columns of four books. The first column begins with Green Egg and ends with PUT ME IN THE ZOO. The second column begins with ARE YOU MY MOTHER? and ends with THE BIKE LESSON.

Third box lists twenty-five books, in two columns. The first column of thirteen books begins with CAT/HAT and ends with THE BIG JUMP. The second column of twelve books begins with A BIG BALL OF STRING and ends with LITTLE BLACK GOES TO THE CIRCUS.

In the price guide, we place this book into Seuss Group C:

DJ Unique To First Printing / DJ Can Be Price Clipped

In some ways, the second state book is more interesting to collect than the first state book, since FOX IN SOCKS is misspelled as “FOX IN SOX”. In the second state book, the third box of Beginner Books contains two additional books on each column. On the first column, I WISH I HAD DUCK Feet is added at the bottom of the list. On the second column, FOX IN SOX is added to the bottom of the list.

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